Plan for a worldwide rally for Gorkhaland


Free Gorkhaland

ALL – We are planning a Gorkhaland Unity rally, the idea is to march in 100+ cities/locations around the world on the same day.  We have entries from a lot of tier 1 Indian cities (around 30), we are looking for coordinators in North America. Breakup – India 60 locations, North America 40 locations, Europe – 40 locations, Australia NZ – 15 locations.  This is going to be the biggest rally ever and we Gorkhas are going to do it first.  It is time for sons and daughters of Gorkhas to step out of their houses .. and march together as ONE.

Message at +1 9198007702 or inbox us if interested.  Everyone please message and organise with your location so that we all can coordinate.  We need to pump in some real adrenaline to get the movement going.

Please let the Chairperson of the organisation, Mr Roshan Gurung, know if you are interested in organising this event.