About Us


The UK Darjeeling Samaj (UKDJS) is a non-profit, non-religious and non-political organisation that was established on 30 September 2012 with a view to promoting goodwill and providing support in times of need and hardship amongst the people of Darjeeling residing in the UK.


        • To preserve and promote culture and tradition prevalent to Darjeeling
        • To promote friendship with British and other community groups
        • To assist in strengthening social, economic and cultural ties between
           Darjeeling District and the United Kingdom
        • To create a forum to discuss contemporary social issues faced by the people in
        • To undertake any charitable activities as deemed appropriate by the Samaj


        • The membership is open to all the people of Darjeeling origin and their
           immediate family members of 18 years of age and above regardless of their
           gender, race, religious and political background, residing temporarily or
           permanently in the UK
        • All memberships are nonproprietary and no member shall own any interest
           in the assets of the Samaj
        • Every individual member shall be subject to the payment of an annual
           membership fee

Membership Category:

Regular Membership:

An adult individual of Darjeeling origin and spouse shall be entitled to the regular membership.

Honorary Membership:

Honorary membership may be awarded to a person of any nationality, who has been or is working towards the interest of the people in Darjeeling.

“Do not walk in front, others may not follow you,
Do not walk behind, there may no one to lead you,
Let us walk together and be a part of the UKDJS”